Canal Du Midi Bike Advertising Rates


7,000 visits per month

45,000 pageviews per month

Average pageviews per visit: 4.0

Average time on site: 4 minutes


Web Advertising Rates

Size (Pixels)


Cost per month


200 w x 100 h = 49 euros


200 w x 200 h = 99 euros


200 w x 400 h = 199 euros


Buy-out options available to block out similar advertisers while you are running your ad.  Contact for pricing and details.



200x400 200 x 200 100 x 200 px


All ads are Run of Site (ROS)*.

All ads are guaranteed 33% of placement, rotating with no more than two other ads.

No geo-targeting is available.

The billing period begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.


Submission Guidelines

Ads should be in gif, png, or jpg formats, with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

For high resolution screens, please double image sizes.

Flash medias (swf format) are not accepted.

Please include the URL that you want to direct the ad to with your submission.  Multiple URL are possible (rotating basis).

Files should be emailed to



*Some pages, such as forms and forum pages are exempt.

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